Sunday, 8 November 2009

club penguin atlantis

hello again there will probably be a place called penguin atlantis.(how to get there) to get there
you have to go on the ice berg and there is a tunnel to get to penguin atlantis you go down
the tunnel and there is a game on the way to get down there the game is u slide down the tunnel
and u collect coins (maximum coins 9999). WHEN you get there there are 12 games you can play
there names are * * * * * * * * * * * * sorry i cant tell u sorry. They wiil be great! By the way, we know all this because we emailed club penguin fan club!

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  1. Hi people who look at our blog olirock and 43zxcvbnm2 witch is us we were at school today (BOO) but the good thing is we were doing a changing states poster
    And we did it really funny with penguin on every one hope you like it comment if you did like it and there will be more on the way.

    FREEZING POINT melting point